Improve Your Garden with an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

With summer only lurking around the corner we are seeing a huge boost in traffic meaning peak season is almost here! Today we’ll be taking a look as some of the benefits of choosing a Gas Fire Pit for your garden entertaining area. No matter what the size of your garden, whether a smaller yard or a large patio area and maintained garden everyone can benefit by creating a Concrete Fire Pit area in their garden. Whether you have just moved into a new property and are just in the initial stages of considering your garden makeover or have a fully-fledged design and plan of what you want, take a read below to see how adding a Garden Gas Fire Pit can be beneficial.

Adding Atmospheric Light
Having nice outdoor lighting in this day and age is a must, many will add LED lights or Solar Lighting to accent certain areas to create a truly bespoke look. Let’s face it, when sat out on those evenings with friends and family what better light is there than the gentle dancing flames of a fire? All our Concrete Fire Pits run off gas, this can either be a Propane bottle or can also be plumbed into natural gas mains at the property too. This means they provide heat and light without creating lots of smoke and smells like a real log fire would for example.

An abundance of Heat
Whether you are enjoying a quiet night alone or have a full on party with guests, being able to sit out late into the night is always pleasant. All our Gas Fire Pits and Fire Pit Burner Kits have a rated heat output of 90,000BTU’s which is over 30% more than our closest competitor. Its always best to overpower when it comes to any form of outdoor heating, this goes for if you are looking for a Garden Fire Pit or any form of outdoor heating. This is down to the fact that in the open outdoors, the heat will naturally rise straight away. Therefore all of our designs are 30cm high, 15cm shorter than the standard seating height, meaning that you feel the heat much more before it rises up into the atmosphere.

All Year Round Use
It’s a common misconception that you’ll only use your Concrete Gas Fire Pit in the summer, but with the light and heat provided from a Gas Fire Pit there are other days you may want to take advantage of your outdoor space. Bonfire night is an incredibly popular example of when people want to gather outdoors, as well as this you can take full advantage of the heat provided in the coolers months September to March.

A Statement Piece Ready for Entertaining
There’s no better way to bring your garden to life than a great statement piece. A carefully designed seating area that includes a Modern Fire Pit will certainly create a beautiful focal point and be a great icebreaker for when you all first sit around. Not only can a Gas Fire Pit bring a practical purpose to your garden, but it also creates a warm and dramatic atmosphere that all age groups find welcoming.

Above are just a few brief points on how adding a Gas Fire Pit to your garden design can benefit your lifestyle. If you have any questions at all about any of our Concrete Gas Fire Pits or our Fire Pit Burner Kits, please feel free to get in touch with our team on or you can call our sales team on 0330 223 6223

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