What is a Bio Ethanol Fire?

When looking for a new fireplace or decorative fire for your home or business it can be a tricky market to navigate, especially when you consider the different fuel options to choose from. Bio Ethanol is the newcomer when it comes to mainstream fires and is increasing in popularity as the years go by. This is mainly due to the fact you get a real genuine flame, but also because of its eco friendly fuel type which is taking the UK by storm. So, what is a Bio Ethanol Fire Burner and should you be considering this as an option for your new fireplace?

Bio Ethanol simply put is plant based which is what makes it the eco friendly choice for all homeowners. It is made by fermenting vegetables by extracting the sugars and starches and then fermenting them to turn them into alcohol. While the process of creating Bio Ethanol is like creating alcohol spirits such as gin, whiskey and vodka, it does differ as it must be distilled and dried. This uses a fair amount of energy so to ensure you are still choosing the eco friendly option ensure you choose a manufacturer that uses renewable energy to do this.

But how can a fire have a real flame and still be eco-friendly? Isn’t bio ethanol in petrol and diesel fuel? Are there not any by products in the fumes or smoke? These are some of the repeating questions we get from customers, this is why Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are increasing in popularity. When it comes to burning Bio Ethanol Fire Burners there are only a couple of things to consider regarding safety. One is the fact you are dealing with a real flame so unlike an electric fire there is the element of danger of an open flame. Secondly whilst burning the Bio Ethanol Fuel is the safest fuel on the market it is still a chemical so you should always wear gloves and avoid any contact with eyes or ingesting it. Essentially those two hazards are the only two to consider when designing your new fireplace.

When comparing Bio Ethanol Fires to wood burning stoves or log burners then the amount of pollution and harmful chemicals in the smoke are far greater due to the high amounts of carbon dioxide produced. When it comes to Bio Ethanol Fireplaces then there are only 3 things that they produce, heat, water vapour and trace amounts of carbon dioxide. The trace amounts of carbon dioxide means that no flu or chimney is needed when installing a Bio Ethanol Fire as no harmful by products are created.

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