Why Choose a Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

With Bioethanol Fires gaining in popularity its common for customers to compare to more traditional fires such as gas, electric and log burners. So, what are the advantages of a Bio Ethanol Fires and why should you consider one for your home or business development?

The gentle glow and warmth of a fire is one of the most primitive ways of heating, going back to prehistoric times where cave men and women would use a fire source as their way to cook and keep warm. Fast forward 20,000 years into the future and Contemporary Ethanol Fires are now used in a way to create a luxurious space to relax in with friends and family. But what makes a Bioethanol Fireplace the right choice for you? Let’s take a look below at some of the most popular reasons;

Bio Ethanol Fires Offer a Beautiful, Unparalleled Real Flame
When it comes to a fire, many electric fires have imitation flames using LED lighting or sometimes ribbons and fans to create the effect of a flame. There is no comparison between artificial flames and the real thing, Bioethanol Fireplaces create a truly romantic setting with the click of a button!

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Are Simple to Install
When the times comes for you to install your new Remote Control Bioethanol Fire all you require for set up is your fuel and a standard UK plug socket. There are very little restrictions when it comes to the sizes that you work with, you can view all the dimensional drawings to work to by visiting our Bio Ethanol Fire page. There is no Flu or Chimney required or additional ventilation, simply cut the hole in your worktop for the Ethanol Fire to slot in from above and that’s it!

Bioethanol Fires Offer Unrestricted Heating
Because Bioethanol Fires don’t rely on other sources of fuel to function it makes them simple and extremely convenient to use. Temperatures can be altered with the remote or a smartphone so you can ensure the heat is tailored to your personal preference. When you don’t use your Bio Ethanol Fireplace, unlike gas it does not cost you any additional fees, such as standing day charges etc.

Bio Ethanol Fires Can Be Cost Effective
Adding fuel and the initial purchase of a Smart Bioethanol Fire can at first seem like a large expense, but when considering the heating cost of a Bioethanol Fireplace is only around a third of the cost of electric heating. This means that although the initial costs are higher, the cost of running a Bio Ethanol Fire is much cheaper.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces use 100% Plant Based Fuel
With the ever-growing consciousness of our carbon footprint as individuals and businesses, Bio Ethanol Fireplaces provide one of the most eco friendly ways to heat your home or business. Bioethanol fuel is low cost and low loss, 100% plant based when buying from a reputable supplier and gives off no harmful chemicals when burning, just water vapour and a small amount of carbon dioxide, such a small amount that no flue or chimney is even required!

We hope with the 5 points raised above it is a gentle introduction into the many benefits of choosing a Bio Ethanol Fireplace for your project. If you have any more questions or would like some advice, please feel free to contact our helpful team on 0330 223 6223 or email us at sales@myfirepits.uk

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