Why Choose a Smart Bio Ethanol Fire Over a Traditional Fire?

One of the biggest selling points of a traditional fireplace such as a log burner or gas fire is the fireplace has a real actual flame. There has been many efforts to make electric fires look this way but all have failed and you tend to end up with a very fake looking fire. There’s nothing that compares to a real flamed fire, the cosy warm ambience and heat that they bring. What’s fantastic about Smart Bioethanol Fireplaces is that it brings the real flamed fire aspect but without any of the drawbacks such as smoke, smells or soot! When it comes to Bio Ethanol Fires you get all of the ambiance and heat, but without the nasty burning smell or a mess to clean up afterwards!

Not only are Bioethanol Fireplaces cleaner to use, they are also much easier to operate. Its as simple as adding the self filling fuel tube into your bioethanol fuel, pressing the button on the Bioethanol Burner and it fills the fuel tank itself. Once filled you can then ignite your Bioethanol Fire Burner with a click of the remote, your phone or even Amazon Alexa.

Installing and operating your new Bio Ethanol Fire could not be easier due to the fact that installation requires no ventilation, chimney or flu, this means many handy DIY customers can often install our Bioethanol Fireplaces themselves! No connection other than a standard UK plug socket is required to operate our Bioethanol Fire Burners. Requiring only 1 electrical connection mean that Bio Ethanol Fires are highly versatile in the ways you can install them, some common design choices tend to be, sunken into the floor, recess into a wall, install into an open wall and install as a standalone freestanding or wall hung unit.

With our Remote Control Bioethanol Fires there is a size to suit almost every room size and design, we have Bio Ethanol Fires starting from our 24” Bio Ethanol Fire all the way up to the huge 72” Bioethanol Fire. If you have any questions at all about our Automatic Bio Ethanol Fireplaces, please feel free to contact our sales team on 0330 6223 223 or email sales@myfirepits.uk

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