Are Ethanol Fireplaces Environmentally Friendly

Nothing quite beats a warm and cosy evening sat around the fire. What if you could get that exact same ambiance, but without any of the negative aspects that come with it? With a Bio Ethanol Fireplace, you can, you get a real genuine flame but without any of the smoke, mess or emissions. Bioethanol Fires have grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years and for some very good reasons, let’s take a look below to learn why.

Because there is no requirement for any flu or chimney, a Bioethanol Fireplace can be located almost anywhere inside your home. The most common 3 install methods for our Smart Bio Ethanol Fire ranges are installed in a recess, installed as a freestanding unit or installed in a double open ended recess. The only connection you need is a standard UK plug socket, can’t get much easier than that!

When comparing an Ethanol Fireplace to a traditional fireplace is that there are no emissions. Traditional fires emit quite a lot of carbon monoxide which can be severely dangerous to your health, not only this, but traditional fires also have soot, ash and smoke to deal with regularly too, making it difficult to keep clean. With a Bio Ethanol Fire you only have to worry about a quick wipe down once a month and keeping topped up with the fuel.

The main reason Ethanol Fireplaces are so clean is down to the fuel they use and how it burns. This makes them cleaner and more efficient than more traditional methods of heating. Not only do they not burn cleaner they don’t give off nowhere near the levels of carbon monoxide, so small in fact that this is the reason why there is no ventilation required for Bio Ethanol Fires. Then run so clean in fact that 96% off all by products from burning is nothing but water vapour.

Bioethanol Fireplaces burn so clean due to the 100% plant-based fuel they use. This means that the Bioethanol Fuel they burn is renewable as it comes from resources like sugars and starches from potatoes, corn and rice etc. Adding an Ethanol Fireplace into your home or commercial area adds a sense of luxury regardless of whether in a contemporary or traditional environment.

With more and more consumers becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and care deeply about where their products come from Bio Ethanol Fires are top of the list when it comes to choose. We hope we have answered some of your questions today with our article, but as always if you have any questions our Bioethanol Fire sales team are on hand ready to help. You can contact us on 0330 223 6223 or email us at

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