Creating an Elegant Gas Fire Pit Seating Area

After the past couple of years we have all been through with the Covid Pandemic, now more than ever we have seen a large wave of customers reinvigorating their gardens to give them a new leash of life. As well as looking stylish we now want more than a small 4-seater table and a few chairs, we want a large entertaining area the full family can enjoy late into the evenings. The combination of good seating and a Gas Fire Pit Table creates this area instantly, we look below on some of our best-selling Garden Sofas and Garden Gas Fire Pits.

Starting with the seating is always best as you’ll need to work out on average how many people you want to cater for when sat around with friends and family. On average most customers will have seating for 5-6 people and we’ll show you how to achieve that below. Using the AMMOS 3M Outdoor Sofa & x2 single AMMOS Outdoor Chair we comfortably seat 5-6 people. As well as a 3M option for the Outdoor Garden Seating if that’s too large then we also have a smaller 2M option available too.

Now we have the Garden Seating sorted its time to think about how we can integrate a Gas Fire Pit Table to add somewhere to place your drinks and create some warmth. For a large seating area personally, I think the Monaco Gas Fire Pit is our best option. It is one of the largest Gas Fire Pits we do but it offers the best of both worlds. It Features an offset burner which means you get good tablespace as well as providing that all important aesthetic real flame and heat.

Of course, you don’t have to use only our products to create your own Gas Fire Pit Seating Area, but we have specifically designed our products to work hand in hand together. If you have any questions at all about our Gas Fire Pits or our Outdoor Seating please feel free to contact our sales office on 0330 6223 223 or

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