Smart Bio Ethanol Fires - The New Way to Heat Your Home

Fireplaces in the UK will no doubt always serve as a way to heat the home and for decoration, but what we are starting to see is a change in the fuel styles of fireplaces in the home. Older more traditional fires such as log burners or gas fires are getting tighter regulations due to the environmental damages the fuels cause. Bio Ethanol Fires are gaining in popularity due to their fuel source being eco-friendly and made 100% plant based. As well as their fuel being green, Bioethanol Fireplaces don’t give off any soot or dust when burning making them easier to clean and more importantly no harmful by products pollute your homes interior.

More recently we have seen an increase in development in bio ethanol fires so that they are also more sufficient for the modern home. Automatic Bio Ethanol Fires are the latest version of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces which offer smart features such as home assistant integration, self-filling fuel systems and on/off functions using a remote or your mobile phone. Gone are the days where it is a messy task to top up your Bioethanol Fire with the fuel, now all you need to do is simply add the fuel tube (supplied with every product) and press the auto fill button on the machine and it will automatically start to draw the fuel from the bottle into the fuel tank within the Bio Ethanol Burner.

Why is it better to have an automated system over an Automatic Bio Ethanol Fire? The main reason is safety, older style models require you to manually pour fuel into the system, if spilled this is a fire hazard. You also have the huge benefit of turning on with your smart home assistant (google home & amazon alexa etc), mobile phone or remote control. This means that when igniting the fire, you do not have the danger of potentially burning yourself as with older models you have to manually ignite with a lighter. The fuel is also always primed within the Bio Ethanol Fire before entering the fuel chamber, this means the heating of the fuel is done safely before entering the visible chamber on the Bioethanol Fire.

We hope you found the information about Bio Ethanol Fires helpful in this article, if you have any questions about our Bioethanol Fireplaces please feel free to get in touch

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