Bio Ethanol Fires – A Real Flamed Fire at The Touch of a Button

All the Bio Ethanol Fires we offer here at MyFirepits are automatic which is sometimes also referred to as “smart”. What Is an Automatic Bioethanol Fireplace though you may ask? Well, we’ve put together this handy blog post to run through the basics with you so you can make an informed decision whether a Bio Ethanol Fire is the right choice for you.

Starting with the installation Bio Ethanol Fires are increasing in popularity mainly due to their amazing eco friendly credentials, but also the fact that they don’t always need a professional installer especially if you’re a confidant DIY’er. If not, then Bio Ethanol Fires can mostly be installed by a builder or decorator which unlike gas or electric fires is not usually the case. Our Range of Bio Ethanol Fire Burners are pretty much plug and play, all you need is a plug socket and your fuel and away you go.

Once installed Bio Ethanol Fires offer complete luxury over older styled more traditional “manual” fires. These designs require you to manually light the fuel yourself which also make using the Bio Ethanol Fireplaces a little more dangerous. When it comes to Smart Bio Ethanol Fire Burners it couldn’t be simpler, press the button on the device or included remote control and within a couple of minutes you have a real flame heating your home. When it comes to turning off the Bio Ethanol Fireplace its just one button and within 30 seconds the unit of fully off.

This amazing technology allows you to sit back on your sofa and control the unit without the need to get up. As well as having the remote control all of our Smart Bio Ethanol Fire Burners are also WIFI and Bluetooth compatible which means you can also sync them up to your mobile phone or even your home assistant such as Alexa and Google Home. As well as having a plethora of smart features our Bio Ethanol Fires are also a lot safer than more traditional styled manual bio ethanol fires.

If you have any questions at all regarding our Bio Ethanol Fire Burners or our outdoor Gas Fire Pits please feel free to contact our sales team on 0330 6223 223 or email the office on

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