Garden Gas Fire Pits - FAQ's When Using Bottled Gas

If you have never purchased a Gas Fire Pit before or have little experience with outdoor BBQ’s then the thought of using propane gas can overwhelm some customers. Here’s the top questions we get regarding Garden Fire Pit Tables and some useful info so your prepared before your delivery arrives. We’ll run through the details of a Propane Fire Pit set up as if using natural gas, you must use a gas safe engineer.

What Kind of Gas or Gas Bottle do I Need?


When using any of our fire pits, whether that’s a DIY Fire Pit, Fire Pit Burner Kit or our fully finished Concrete Gas Fire Pit they all require the same type of fuel from the bottle. This must be a propane bottle (this is usually orange). DO NOT use patio gas bottles with the clip-on regulators for our Gas Fire Pits as these will NOT WORK. Due to the high heat output of our Fire Pit Burner Kits, we advise a minimum bottle of 11kg. Everything you need is in your kit other than the gas bottle and regulator, the regulator you need is the screw on style to match the propane bottle and should have a flow of 1.5kg per hour and a pressure of 37mBar.

How Much Does a Propane Bottle Cost?

As with most items this is a variable answer, this depends on what size bottle you go for, where you buy the bottle from, is it branded etc. Its cheaper to find local gas shops instead of going to big brands as the larger brands and DIY stores will charge a lot more for the gas. It should cost approx. £45-£65 for the gas bottle for your Gas Fire Pit based on an 11-13kg bottle. This is usually higher the first time that you “rent the gas bottle” then this leads us nicely onto our next question.

How Much Do Propane Gas Bottle Refills Cost & How Long Will it Last?

Just like the last question this is another varied answer dependant upon which size bottle you chose to go with, we always advise the largest you can fit and hide away. Based on the same 11-13kg bottle we mentioned above, once you have used your Gas Fire Pit and are ready for a gas refill then you should expect to pay approx. £35-£55. How long the gas in the bottle will last will depend on weather conditions and how high you have the gas turned up on the Fire Pit. On average with Gas Fire Pit Table turned on around half you can expect approx. 26 hours burn time. This means you would get 1-hour daily use for a full month based on an 11-13kg Propane bottle.

If you are interested in any of our Garden Fire Pits, we have 12 different models to choose from along with our premium Decorative Lava Stones which are all shaped and honed for more luxurious look over traditional lave rock, please feel free to get in touch. We stock extra thick Fire Pit Covers which provide all year-round weather protection all tailor made to our own range of Premium Gas Fire Pits. Our office is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and you can contact us at you can also contact us on 0330 6223 223

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