Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits - Create Your Own Fire Pit Design

Adding a Gas Fire Pit to your garden creates a modern luxurious space for you to sit with friends and family long into those winter evenings. With Gas Fire Pits coming in many different shapes and sizes there are plenty of choice, but what if you are looking for a very specific size or are looking for something more bespoke? In todays article we’ll be looking at how you can create your own Gas Fire Pit to any shape or size you want by using one of our ready made Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits.

Using a Fire Pit Burner Kit in your Garden Fire Pit design is relatively straight forward, If you have ever installed a BBQ before then in terms of connecting the Gas Fire Pit to the propane bottle then you won’t have any issues. The most challenging part is building the base, this is usually done with a light steel frame and cement board or by using breeze block to create the overall shape. Once you have done that and have chosen your worktop materiel for the Gas Burner Kit to rest on you have all the basics done and just need to connect to your Propane Bottle.

Once you have planned or built your Fire Pit base, you can then start to think about which Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit will be the best choice for you. Here at MyFirepits, all of our Fire Pit Burner Kits come complete will all parts required, the only additional items you need are your propane tank and propane regulator to match the tank if you are using bottled gas.

Our best selling Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit is the Linear Gas Fire Pit Burner. With an overall burner hole size of 1200mm x 200mm it’s the largest overall Fire Pit Burner Kits we supply. Perfect for those larger Fire Pit designs where you have a large seating area and want to spread the heat around ensuring everyone is feeling that lovely heat.

We also have a smaller version called the Rectangle Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit, this comes in at an overall size of 600x200mm so is around half the length of the linear. We use this Fire Pit Burner Kit in our fully finished Azure Concrete Fire Pit so this size if great for anyone planning a Gas Fire Pit size of around 1200mm x 600mm.

Completing the line up we also have a Round Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit as well as the Square Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit which are very popular for customers who are designing a fire pit that is no larger than 1200mm square. You can choose between the square or round shape depending on the shape of your Gas Fire Pit base or even carry through some shapes from elsewhere in your garden.

If you have any questions about our Garden Gas Fire Pits or our Fire Pit Burner Kits or would like some help making the right design, please feel free to contact our sales team on 0330 223 6223 or email

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