How To Maintain a Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

As the beautiful British gets colder and colder over the winter months its time to turn up the heating and enjoy those warm cosy nights sat around the fire with your favourite Christmas film and a good drink. As you use your Bio Ethanol Fire more and more over the winter months its necessary to ensure you maintain your Bio Ethanol Fireplace to ensure it works to its full potential and has longevity. So, you may ask, how should I care for and maintain my new Smart Bio Ethanol Fire?

1. When using more frequently or less frequently you can clean the Bio Ethanol Fireplace with a vacuum cleaner. You must ensure the Bio Ethanol Fire is cool and not hot when cleaning or you have the potential to damage your vacuum cleaner.

2. Unless you have no other option and its an emergency you should never use water to extinguish your fire. Extinguishing your Remote Control Bio Ethanol Fire with water will dilute the fuel and can cause it to spread, it will also cause the ashes to congeal together and make your Bio Ethanol Fireplace hard to clean.

3. The hearth area is the area that you have built to contain the fire (usually a recess in the wall). The heat from the fire alone is very useful for keeping this area clean so this area is virtually maintenance free, common materiel's used here are steel plates, fire resistant natural stone such as slate and fire rated glass.

4. You can also use a stiff brush to clean off any stubborn marks on your Bio Ethanol Fire Burner. DON'T use a wire brush as you will damage and scratch the steel finish. This will gently clean the inner wall of the burning chamber on your Bio Ethanol Fire.

5. Never use any form of abrasive chemical on your Bio Ethanol Fireplace. Many of the abrasive cleaners here in the UK leave combustible residues behind which makes them very dangerous when igniting the Bio Ethanol Fire afterwards.

Although the above tips are only an introduction to the maintenance and upkeep of your new Smart Bio Ethanol Fire, using a little common sense and your standard cleaning practices will ensure you have a Bio Ethanol Fire that will last years to come and also provide you with heat and a stable flame.

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