The Rising Popularity of Smart Bio Ethanol Fires

As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, we have seen a huge increase in Smart Bio Ethanol Fireplaces over the past few years. More and more customers are purchasing a Bio Ethanol Burner and then building their own designs to suit instead of buying a ready-made full fireplace. Todays we’ll be taking a look at why Bio Ethanol Fires have become so popular and what things you should consider when designing your own Bio Ethanol Fireplace.

Like any other real flamed fire the flames on a Bio Ethanol Fire can be dangerous, Bio ethanol does burn at a lower temperature in comparison to wood and gas, although this is the case the unit can still get hot due to the heat output it gives, so if the Bio Ethanol Burner ever runs out of fuel its important to note not to add fuel into the system whilst still hot.

When building and designing your own Bioethanol Fireplace, it is very important to choose the right size so you can enjoy as you should, one too small will not provide enough heat and one too large will mean too much heat so you’ll only be able to have the Bio Ethanol Fire on a low setting. Based on a 10 square metre room we would advise going no larger than our 48” Bio Ethanol Fire unless you have extra ventilation. If installing your Bioethanol Fire in a less insulated room such as a conservatory for example you can get away with the next size up as these rooms are usually a little colder than the main section of your house.

When cladding the inside of your Bio Ethanol Fireplace suitable materials include Sheet metal, concrete, fire resistant natural stone, Fire Rated Plasterboard and heat resistant glass. With a Bio Ethanol Burner your only limitations are your imaginations as you really can tailor your design to suit your needs when there is such a variety of suitable cladding materials to choose from. Most customers will leave the front of the Bio Ethanol Fireplace open without any glass so you feel the most heat from it, you can also add glass across the front if you need but you must not seal the unit in, this is so air, heat and water vapour can escape.

Here at MyFirePits we currently have 6 different sizes of Bio Ethanol Fires to choose from ranging in sizes between 24” all the way up to our largest 72” Bio Ethanol Fire Burner. All sizes have the same smart functionality and are built in the exact same way, so nothing changes other than the size of the overall Bio Ethanol Fire and the fuel tank that it houses. If you have any questions about designing your own Bioethanol Fireplace or would like any advice please feel free to contact our sales team on or 0330 6223 223

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