Why a Gas Fire Pit is 2022's Must Have Garden Item

We have a fantastic range of Gas Fire Pits here at MyFirepits with popularity increasing year on year 2022 is shaping up to be another fantastic year. Why are Garden Fire Pits so popular though and why should you have one in your garden?

Fire pits can extend your winter evenings bringing light and warmth and also are one of social medias must have garden items. But looking cool and keeping you warm aren’t the only reasons you’ll benefit from having a Fire Pit Table in your garden, see below for just some of the benefits a Gas Fire Pit can bring.

Creating a Warm & Cosy Space

Whether you are enjoying some quite time alone, a romantic evening with your partner or a full-blown family gathering Garden Fire Pits will keep the atmosphere going on late into the night, even in the winter. Some of our Fire Pit models feature offset burners too which means you have space for everyone to put their drinks too!

Extending the Summer & Night Time Illumination

Extending the amount of time you can spend outside when entertaining or relaxing has never been easier thanks to the heat and warmth a fire pit creates. They are smoke free so there is no worrying at all about fumes or nasty smells for your neighbours which you would get with a more traditional wood Fire Pit for example. Once the sun goes down and it starts to get a little colder you can feel the warming glow as the real flames dance the night away by cranking up the heat on your Garden Fire Pit.

Be at Peace and Relax

Modern day life can be incredibly stressful, so taking a moment to sit back, relax and unwind in the peace of your garden can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Humans sitting around fires goes back to caveman times and its commonly known to help calm nerves and anxiety as well as socialising benefits. Take your mind of it all and watch the gentle glow of the flames as they flicker and mesmerise you.

Your Fire, Your Preference

All of the Garden Fire Pits we supply come with fully adjustable controls. This means you have total control over the gas flow and flame height of your Gas Fire Pit. You have full control from off to max power all in the quarter turn of the key with no pre-sets so you can really dial in the perfect gas flow to create the perfect flame and heat for the situation.

Our team are available to answer any questions you may have on our Garden Gas Fire Pits. You can contact us by phone MON-FRI 9am-5pm on 0330 6223 223 or contact us at sales@myfirepits.uk

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