A Quick Look Back at Our Top 3 Selling Gas Fire Pits

Another year is almost over so we thought for this Wednesdays blog post we’d take a look back over the year and have a look at our 3 best selling Gas Fire Pit models and why we think they are the best sellers year and year again.

All our Concrete Fire Pits are made from Architectural Grade concrete which is then strengthened with glass fibres and resins on the inside and then the outside is finished in a wet slurry coat which gives the fire pits their smooth to the touch surface. The kits are complete with everything you need including valves, pipes burners, jubilees etc, the only additional items you need are your gas bottle and regulator. They are not needed but most customers also choose a suitable decorative burning medium such as our lava rocks. So, without further ado lets take a look at the best selling 3 models here at MyFirePits.

Our 3rd best selling Gas Fire Pit is the Monaco which just like all our models is available in white or grey. When it comes to colour the grey option accounts for around 60% of all sales so it’s certainly the more popular colour. Our Monaco Fire Pit is £1,399 and has a size of 1600mm x 900mm. It differs from all our other fire pits as the burner is off centred which means half of the fire pit can also be used as a table where your drinks won’t warm under the heat of the fire.

Our 2nd best selling Fire pit is our one and only original fire pit, the LA. This was our first and only fire pit when the company was first started and is still one of the most popular designs of Fire Pit to date. Colour preference on the LA is almost split down the middle so there is no clear leader when it comes to colour. The LA Gas Fire Pit is square and measures 985mm x 985mm with a central burner this fire pit provides an equal heat output all the way around, so no one is left out of the lovely heat!

The best-selling Gas Fire Pit from our collection this year is our newest and largest, the St Tropez. As well as being the largest fire pit we have it also features the largest Gas Firepit Burner Kit we have on offer which is the linear burner. The overall size of the St Tropez is 1800mm x 600mm and just like the LA it has a central burner location so that the heat is evenly distributed around the fire pit. When it comes to the colour though there certainly is a clear winner with this one, our grey version accounts for almost 73% off all St Tropez Fire Pit orders this year!

We hope you’ve found this post interesting and just as interesting as we have found the stats. If you have any questions at all regarding our Gas Fire Pits or even our indoor Bio Ethanol Fire Burners, please feel free to contact our sales team on 0330 6223 223 or sales@myfirepits.uk

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