Bio Ethanol Fire Burners - Endless Design Opportunities

With Bioethanol Burners still being relatively new to the market compared to Gas and Electric & log burners the technology is ever expanding year on year. Myfirepits specialise in inset Bioethanol Burners, this is all down to the sheer amount of design styles and choices Bio Ethanol Burners provide over fully sealed box units.

Bio Ethanol Fire Burners or Inset Bio Ethanol Fires are intended for both retrofitting an existing fire but also new construction projects where you can really tailor the design of your Bio Ethanol Fireplace. Over the past few years a magnitude of shapes, sizes and styles have entered the market but none more versatile that the Inset Bio Ethanol Fire. Using an Inset Bioethanol Burner you can install in a recess in the wall, open walls connecting two rooms, table top installations and even wall mounted designs can be achieved.

As well as design choice a Bio Ethanol Fire also brings with it simplicity when in use, every Bio Ethanol Fire we have on offer are completely smoke free when burning, provide no harmful by products when burning and require no clean up of soot or ash at all! With there being no by products when burning your Bio Ethanol Fireplace this also means there is no need for any ventilation, chimney or flu either, so all you get it exactly what you want, bright crisp real flames and warmth.

Our fantastic range of Bioethanol Fireplaces are low profile, highly efficient and can be simply inserted into an old removed gas or electric fire with simple DIY. All metal components in our Bio Ethanol Fireplace range are constructed from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure rust and warping are non-existent. Our largest Bio Ethanol Fire is the 72” MyBio Bio Ethanol Fire which provides a whopping 23,000 BTU’s and houses an 18-litre tank. Our best-selling size is the 48” MyBio Bio Ethanol Fire which is the perfect size for many replacement projects but also new purpose-built designs. All of our Bio Ethanol Fireplaces come with an amazing 5 year warranty which is very rare for Automatic Smart Bio Ethanol Fires due to all the electronic systems.

If you have any questions about an upcoming project, any of our Bio Ethanol Fires please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on 0330 223 6223 or

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