How to Maintain a Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

You’ve had your new Gas Fire Pit for over a year and it’s started to weather a little. This is totally normal and you would expect this with any outdoor product, there’s a simple product you can add to your order to combat this, our range of Premium Fire Pit Covers are bespoke made to all of our Garden Fire Pit Tables so you can be sure of the perfect fit.

Okay, so you have your Garden Fire Pit covered and are keeping it protected against the elements, but did you know that your Gas Fire Pit can benefit from general maintenance after regular use to ensure it works as good as it should but more importantly will last for years and years to come. Read below to see our general tips and advice for increasing the longevity of your Gas Fire Pit.

After regular use its important to ensure the burner area on your Garden Fire Pit is kept clean and free of dirt and any soot. This does not have to be every time you use but we advise this is done every 5 times you use the product more than a couple of hours. Whilst were talking about the Fire Pit Burner Kit its also just as important to make sure that the Burner Jet Holes are kept clean and not clogged to ensure your Gas Fire Pit burners evenly as it should with no blockages.

The Lava Rocks on your Garden Fire Pit can eventually show signs of soot, this can simply be washed in an old sink or if dry dusted off with an old brush, similar to a small makeup brush works perfectly. If you haven’t kept your Gas Fire Pit covered or if have had for a while you can use a stainless steel cleaner on the Fire Pit Burner Kit to ensure the Stainless Steel stays looking fresh.

If you haven’t used your fire pit for a long time, it can attract insects such as spiders so ensure it is all cleaned down prior to use like what you would do for a Gas BBQ. If using a Propane Tank to fuel your Gas Fire Pit then we advise you regularly check the condition of the bottle and also the hose that goes in between your Fire Pit Table and Propane Tank.

We hope you have found the above information helpful and have some new ways to ensure you maintain your Garden Gas Fire Pit, but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact our team

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