Keeping Safe With a New Gas Fire Pit

Garden Gas Fire Pits are getting more and more popular in the UK – But did you know that a poorly designed or low-cost product could potentially be dangerous?

When it comes to safety with your Gas Fire Pit there are 3 main factors that will effect how safe and also the longevity of your Garden Fire Pit. The first and most important thing to check is that the product has a CE Approval, this ensure the product is safe for installation in all of Europe and meets strict safety guidelines. Something you can never be too safe on is gas, whether Propane or natural gas safety is a must! The second thing to consider is the design, has it been designed correctly and has drainage and ventilation been considered? The last thing to consider is more common sense but still important, using your Gas Fire Pit at home safely. We’ll elaborate on those 3 points a little further below.

When searching for a Garden Fire Pit Table you’ll find many cheaper Fire Pits on marketplace stores and international sellers. These tend to be sold without any CE Approval whatsoever, in Europe many gas safe technicians will not install any gas appliances that are not CE Approved due to safety concerns. All Gas Fire Pits and Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits we supply are fully CE Approved for UK and European use, we ship all over Europe as well as USA and Dubai too. All our Stainless Steel on Our Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits are made from 304 Grade stainless steel so you can be sure there are no nasty chemicals added into the metals as you may get with some cheaper Gas Fire Pits.

As long as some thought has been put into the design and they have been installed correctly Gas Fire Pits are incredibly safe to use. All our fully finished Concrete Gas Fire Pits have a 30mm shadow gap all the way around, this isn’t just a nice design feature, it also allows sufficient airflow to the elements that get hot internally. If using one of our Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits you should follow a similar design to what we have or if not, you must install vents in your base to ensure you have free airflow. As well as airflow its crucial to think about drainage, our Fire Pit Burner Kits have drainage holes to ensure they don’t hold water, but you must also ensure the base the Fire Pits sit on can drain away any water under heavy rainfall.

As mentioned above the last one is a little bit of common sense, or maybe even obvious to some, but being safe when using your Gas Fire Pit is essential. Never ever leave your gas fire pit unattended when burning and after use never touch any metal parts of your Gas Fire Pit, it WILL be VERY HOT! Ensure you keep a close eye on any pets you may have any always supervise children around an open fire. When not in use we always advice covering your fire pit once cooled down with a weatherproof cover and then ensure the gas it turned off at the Fire Pit AS WELL AS at the propane bottle.

If you have any questions about using your Gas Fire Pit safely at home, please feel free to ask our sales team any questions you have. You can contact us on 0330 223 6223 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, or you can email us at

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