Can You Install a Smart Bio Ethanol Fire in a Small Room?

With all of our Bio Ethanol Fireplaces not requiring a chimney or flu we often get asked, Is it possible to use a Bio Ethanol Fire in a small living room or an apartment?

Bio Ethanol Fires are gaining popularity over more traditional fires such as gas fires or log burners. This is even more so in apartments and flats due to the fact they don’t require any specialist installation and no chimney or flue which a lot of apartments and flats don’t have. This can of course be added in but is often subject to lots of planning permissions and high costs. Ease of installation and no external ventilation required means that for apartments, Bio Ethanol Fires are easily the most cost effective and simplest solution.

If living in an apartment a Bio Ethanol Fireplace also offers a real flame over imitation flame fires such as electric. This makes it the closest option to a log burner or gas fire as you get a real flamed fire without the need for planning or specialists being involved. Another big bonus with Bio Ethanol Fire Burners are the design possibilities it boasts. You can install on a media wall, build a standalone base, have the fire between two walls which looks fantastic, there really are so many options.

Many customers may presume that it will be difficult to install their own Bio Ethanol Fire, this obviously depends on your personal DIY abilities, but we see quite often customers will install themselves. The most challenging aspect is designing and building whichever base you plan to sit the fire into, once you have done that its as simple as cutting a hole in the surface, dropping the fire in from above and plugging into a standard UK plug socket. That’s it, top up with fuel press on the remote and within a couple of minutes you have a real flame. Bio Ethanol Fires burn without smell or smoke which is another reason they are great for small rooms and apartments. With a Bioethanol Fireplace it means many more customers can enjoy a real flamed fire in their home without the need for huge expense and time. To summarise, Bio Ethanol Fires are the perfect eco-friendly choice for any home small or large as they require no ventilation and offer the easiest install options.

If you have any questions about installing your new Bioethanol Fireplace, or if you’d like some guidance or how you could install in your home please feel free to contact our sales and technical team on, you can also call us on 0330 6223 223 Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm.

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