How Hot Does a Garden Fire Pit Get?

When shopping for a new Gas Fire Pit many customers dream of those late nights with friends sat around a wonderful gentle glow of the orange flames. One thing many customers do ask though when shopping is, as well as looking lovely do Outdoor Fire Pits actually provide enough heat?

All the MyFirepits range of Gas Fire Pits provide the same heat output which is rated at 90.000BTUs or if you work in KW then its 26KW. This is one of the hottest fire burners on the market with some competitors not even being half of that heat output its safe to say these Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits we use in all of our fire pits kick out some serious heat.

So, the Gas Fire Pit Burners you supply throw out tons of heat, so we’ll all be super warm and cosy around our new Outdoor Fire Pit? Yes and no is the honest answer to that question as there are a lot of varying factors that can affect this, so what can you do to ensure that you actually feel the heat off your fire pit?

The main thing that will affect your heat output is the weather. Obviously if it’s a cool day with little wind then you will feel the heat a lot, but factors like wind can also mean that on some days the heat can be blown away, so you don’t feel it as much. You can combat this by always installing your fire pit in a sunken area or in the corner of your garden so that there is no “passing through” wind.

The second thing to consider when you are wanting to feel the heat from your Garden Fire Pit is seating positioning and location. To evenly distribute the heat provided by your Gas Fire Pit when sat around with family and friends it’s important to keep an equal distance from the burner all way round your seating. A good distance between the fire pit and your seating is around 50cm so that you get maximum benefit.

We do hope that you have found this article helpful and that you can plan your area for maximum heat benefit when installing your new Outdoor Gas fire pit. If you have any questions at all regarding our Gas Fire Pits, Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits or our newly launched Bio Ethanol Fires please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on 0330 6223 223 or email

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