How to Protect Your Fire Pit Over Winter

As we are all far too familiar with, a UK winter is nothing but cold, damp and windy. If you have a Garden Fire Pit, how can you ensure it stays as fresh as the day it got delivered and keep it in perfect condition ready for those summer parties and BBQ’s? Below, we take a look as some of the steps you can take to ensure your Fire Pit Table stays looking fresh all year round!

What Is My Fire Pit Made From?

Before we run through the best advice for keeping your Garden Gas Fire Pit in tip top condition, it best to understand what materiel’s make up your Fire Pit so you know how to deal with best. Our fully finished Concrete Gas Fire Pits are made up from 3 layers of concrete, the first layer is the centre layer that gives the Gas Fire Pit its shape and structure. After the shape of the Fire Pit is formed the inside is then layered with a mixture of Glass Fibre and cement which adds to the structure’s strength and rigidity. The Final layer is the finishing layer, this is sometimes referred to as the slurry coat and its what gives our Modern Gas Fire Pits their beautiful smooth matte finish.

Other than the concrete base of the Gas Fire Pit the only other exposed area is the Fire Pit Burner Kit. The Fire Pit Burner Tray is made from 304 grade stainless steel so is suitable for outside storage and applications all year round.

Now you know the two main materiel’s used for our Fire Pit Tables we can start to understand the best ways to keep clean. Concrete is fairly straight forward when it comes to maintenance, you can wipe/clean down with warm water. If you have any marks or scuffs on your concrete these can be sanded very lightly with a 240 grit sandpaper. The concrete part of your Gas Fire Pit will require very little maintenance just wash down with warm water and no chemicals and then let the fire pit fully dry off before using. For the stainless-steel Fire Pit Burner Kits the first step is to remove your Fire Pit Lava Stones and then blow out any dust or soot from the bottom. After this you can then clean with a standard stainless-steel cleaner, being extra careful not to get this on the concrete part of the Gas Fire Pit.

Do I Need to Seal My Concrete Fire Pit?

All our Gas Fire Pits come already sealed with a water-based sealant, this protects it from rainwater similar to waxing a car. We do advise that you seal your Concrete Fire Pit with a standard concrete sealer similar to what you would use for a concrete path, driveway or patio. It is much more important to seal your Concrete Gas Fire Pit if you have a white design as white will show dirt and age much quicker than a darker colour. All you will need is 1ltr maximum for any of our Fire Pits which you can purchase from most homeware stores for as little as £10.

Do Concrete Fire Pits Need to be Covered?

Whilst there is no requirement to cover your new Gas Fire Pit we do advise this. This is purely down to the fact that if you leave anything open to the elements mould and mildew will start to develop as well as a build up of dirt and grime. As mentioned above if you seal your Gas Fire Pit it will simply wipe down with little effort. How can you stop this from happening all together though? We have a full range of Weatherproof Fire Pit Covers bespoke made to fit each of our Fire Pit designs perfectly. Using an extra thick layer of waterproof materiel and a drawstring at the bottom, you can ensure your fire pit is protected all year round whenever not in use!

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