Smart Bioethanol Fires – How to Use the Self Fill System

Bio Ethanol Fires are becoming a popular alternative to less eco-friendly traditional fire styles such as gas and log burners. This is mainly down to their ease of installation and eco friendliness and also the fact you get a real flame at the touch of a button. All of our Bio Ethanol Fireplaces have a real genuine flame that is fully adjustable with remote control adjusting the width of the fire and overall heat.

Smart Bio Ethanol Fires have the latest feature and safety technologies included into the on-board computer system to integrate with your remote, smart phone or tablet or even your smart home assistant such as Alexa. As well as being able to control your Bioethanol Fire using a smart device, they also have great safety features, one of these being that the Bio Ethanol Fuel is heated in a separate fuel reservoir before filling into the fuel chambers. This means that the fuel is heated safely in a concealed area before entering the fire. Self-Filling Bio Ethanol Fires are now the new standard when it comes to Smart Bioethanol Fires as older methods were very fiddly and messy when filling the system.

How easy is it to use the self fill system on our Bio Ethanol Fire Burners? It can be done in less that a few minutes and at the touch of a button.

Self Fill Bio Ethanol Fires

All of the Bioethanol Fires we supply here at MyFirePits are capable of self-filling when topping up the bio ethanol fuel. Any required parts are included in your box and the first step is to connect your fuel filling hose to the fuel pump, these simply push on. Open your fuel bottle and put the fuel intake nozzle into the open bottle top.

Once connected press the Auto Filling button once and you’ll see the fuel is automatically fed into the Bio Ethanol Fire from the fuel bottle. You can continue to fill your device with fuel from as many bottles as required once the blue light stops flashing, this indicates the fuel level is now full.

Bio Ethanol Fires with the automatic functions are equipped with the most luxurious features whilst also boasting some fantastic eco credentials and safety benefits. Lighting your fire has never been easier than it is now, sit back and relax on your sofa and simply press a button. If you have any questions about filling your own Smart Bioethanol Fires or have any questions on any of our other products please contact our sales team on or our office on 0330 6223 223.

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