How Safe is The Bio Ethanol Fuel Used in Bio Ethanol Fireplaces?

You may be considering making a purchase of a new Bio Ethanol Fire Burner or you may have already purchased one and find yourself asking, what is bio ethanol and is it a safe chemical to have in my home?

We’ve mentioned in a previous blog already but for those that didn’t see that post, Bio Ethanol Fuel is just made from sugar and starch that is then put through the fermentation process which then results in the Bio Ethanol we see used on all forms fires and even as a fuel supplement in Diesel and Petrol with the UK changing over to E10 Fuel recently. Taking all this into account is Bio Ethanol still safe if it’s so flammable and used in vehicle fuel?

The quick and simple answer to that question is yes. It is still a chemical at the end of the day so its not something we would advise to drink or replace your favourite face cream with, but when it comes to actually burning the fluid then it is one of the safest fuels currently on the market. Bio Ethanol does not contain any pollutants, carbon monoxide, and other impurities that wood, gas and other sources of fuel release when being burned. This makes it incredibly safe as a fuel in fires and the most eco-friendly option out of natural gas, propane and electric.

As always when dealing with fires in your home there are some risks, but this is mainly down to the pure fact you have physical flames. Risks can be minimised by using a little common sense. If you have small children or animals, then it’s advisable to not install the fire open. If you desperately want it open, then maybe install higher out of reach.

To summarise the fuel used in Bio Ethanol Fires are certainly safe to use. To ensure this high level of safety we advise to use only 98% grade and higher as the filler chemicals in cheaper alternatives can provide some nasty by products. As long as choosing the quality fuel for your Bio Ethanol Fire Burner then it doesn’t emit and smoke and particles at all, just very small traces of carbon dioxide and water vapour which are no threat at all. As well as keeping you and your family safe Bio Ethanol Fires are also a fantastic way for you to reduce your carbon footprint too.

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