How to Install One Of Our Gas Fire Pits

Today we’re going to have a quick look at how easy it is to install one of our Garden Gas Fire Pits. Specifically, we’ll be looking at how to install our Gas Fire Pits using a propane connection. All of our Fire Pits we supply here at MyFirePits are dual fuel which means they can be installed using a Propane connection but also a Natural Gas connection too should you prefer. For the purpose of this post we’ll be running through the Propane install as for any natural gas installation you must use a Gas Safe Engineer.

The instructions above show the connections that need to be made and we’ll run through them in a little more detail below. All of the parts come pre-assembled in the box meaning once you’ve opened your fire pit there are only 4 connections in total you need to make. The first is the connection between the under side of the burner tray and the on/off valve on the fire pit. Screw in the brass on/off valve into the chrome faceplate that is already installed onto your Gas Fire Pit. After this you can then attach the metal flexi pipe between the on/off valve and the underside of the Burner Tray. Make sure you add the included PTFE tape on any connections being made that gas passes through.

Once the fire pit side is all connection the only last two connections to be made is the orange propane hose. This screws onto the inlet side of the on/off valve underneath the Garden Fire Pit, once complete then the last connection is the regulator that connects to your gas bottle. The Fire Pit regulator (needs to be purchased separately) then pushes into the orange hose and is secured into place with the included jubilee clip.

And that’s it! After making these 4 connections you are ready to turn on the gas at the bottle end to start feeding the fuel through. To ignite your Outdoor Fire Pit then simply turn the gas valve on the Fire Pit using the key until you hear a slight trickle of gas coming through, once you hear this you can then use a long arm safety lighter to set the Fire Pit Burner Kit a flame. The same installation also applies for our Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit’s and also our Self Clad DIY Fire Pits too.

We do hope that you have found the above information useful, but if there is any area you are stuck on when installing your Gas Fire Pit then please feel free to contact our sales and support team on 0330 6223 223 or email the office on

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