Only The Best Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits & Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits are a fantastic way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your garden or commercial environment, especially in those cold dark winter months. Today’s article will take a look at some of our top quality Gas Fire Pits along with some useful tips and advice.

We have plenty of different shapes and sizes to choose from here at my firepits, these range from fully finished Concrete Fire Pits to ready to use Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits where you can design your own base to suit your needs. We also have a range of Self-Clad DIY Fire Pits where all you do is lift into position and then clad with your desired finish to match your garden design.

All of our fully finished Concrete Gas Fire Pits are made using GRC which is Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete. Using the GRC materiel means that we can get a smooth exterior finish, keep the products light but more importantly keep them strong and weatherproof. All Gas Fire Pits are sealed with a water-based sealant to protect against rainwater and then we advise using a concrete sealer to then add a layer of protection against food and drink. GRC as a materiel is not affected by condensation or rust as other competitor’s products may.

ST Tropez Gas Fire Pit
Our St Tropez Gas Fire Pit is our largest and best-selling product. With an overall size of 1800x600mm it’s a great choice for large U shape garden seating or if you have a long straight seating area. The Gas Fire Pit Burner installed in the St Tropez Gas Fire Pit is the Linear Fire Pit Burner Kit which we also sell as a standalone item.

LA Round Gas Fire Pit
Our LA Round Gas Fire Pit is perfect for anyone looking at add some curves into their garden. Maybe you have a round seating area or maybe you have small children around and feel a Round Gas Fire Pit may be the right choice for you to avoid any nasty accidents on sharp corners. With an overall diameter of 1200mm and a Round Gas Burner Kit size of just under 600mm it means you have a 30cm table space all way round the Gas Fire Pit.

When looking for the perfect Gas Fire Pit for your home sometimes suppliers don’t supply all the necessary items you may need. We have taken the hassle away with our range of Gas Fire Pits as the only items you need are your Propane Gas Bottle and matching regulator. All our Concrete Gas Fire Pits & Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits come with 6m of gas hose, jubilee clips for connections as well as 304 grade stainless steel burner kits. This means you can be safe and sound without the worry of any potential rusting.

Do you have an upcoming garden project and would like some help and advice on which size may suit best? If so, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on or call 0330 223 6223.

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