Using Your Real Flame Bio Ethanol Fire Safely

How safe are Automatic Bio Ethanol Fireplaces? Automatic or sometimes called Smart Bio Ethanol Fires have increased in popularity over the past couple of years. From the old manually lit styles that provide a strong odour when burning to the latest tech packed Remote Control Bioethanol Fires there is a lot to choose from and you don’t always know which are the older styles. We only supply Automatic Bioethanol Fires which means they are safe, easy to use and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections so you can control with home assistants, your mobile phone or the included remote control. Here at MyFirepits we only supply Modern Bio Ethanol Fires to ensure customers have a simple product to use that creates warmth, no odour and no mess! Even with some of the safest Bioethanol Fires on the market though, how can you be sure you are using your Bioethanol Fire safely?

Its advised that if you are in a small tight indoor space or a tightly sealed home then an Indoor Bio Ethanol Fire Burner might not be the right option. This is only because of the lack of need for ventilation or a flue in standard sized rooms, you can combat this by opening windows after using though to be safe.

To ensure you get the best heat output and that you don’t have strong odours when using your Bio Ethanol Fire its important to use the right Bioethanol Fuel. You should only use 98% Premium Bio Ethanol Fuel, choosing this fuel means you get all the benefits of a real flamed fire but without any of the drawbacks like mess and smell.

When you have been using your Bio Ethanol Fire, under no circumstances should you touch your Bioethanol Fire, always wait for the product to cool down before you touch as the metal will be hot. While we are on the subject of the heat output, never install your fire near furniture, blankets, sofas or beds etc or it could possibly catch on fire. Never under any circumstances leave a fire unattended in your home!

We Hope we have helped you learn how to use your Smart Bioethanol Burner safely but if you have any questions or need any advice on our Bio Ethanol Fireplaces please feel free to contact our sales team on 0330 223 6223 or you can email us on

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