What to Consider When Choosing Your Bio Ethanol Fire?

Bioethanol Fireplaces are one of the newest forms of heating for homes and businesses across the UK. A Smart Bio Ethanol Fire is a new greener, environmentally friendly choice. With a recent surge in popularity over the past couple of years we believe this is down to a few factors which include, more and more consumers are aware and monitor their carbon footprint, simplicity of use and installation and requires no chimney or flu so the design possibilities are endless. How can you be sure that a Bioethanol Fireplace is the right choice for you? Let’s take a look together below and see some of the positive benefits.

They throw heat more effectively in comparison to electric heaters. With electric heating you have an element that heats up to a set temperature, in most cases the heat rises straight up and most of it heats the ceiling. A Bioethanol Fire works differently as the heating effect works through heat radiation, conduction and convection. After just a couple of minutes of being ignited, the heat can clearly be felt from a Real Flame Bioethanol Fire.

No emissions mean much cleaner air and less harmful pollutants in your home. More traditional methods for a real flamed fire include gas and log burners, these emit a large amount of carbon dioxide which is incredibly toxic, this is why they all need very powerful ventilation to keep this to a minimum. Bioethanol Fires only emit water vapour and a tiny amount of carbon dioxide, such a small amount that you do not need any additional ventilation, making install very DIY friendly.

The cost of using a Bioethanol Fire Burner is up to 30% cheaper than electric and up to 15% cheaper than gas. This is the big one for most customers, with a saving of up to 30% and also offering great eco credentials what’s not to love about a Bioethanol Fireplace? The fuel at first glance for a Bio Ethanol Fire can seem expensive, but when compared to gas and electric there are no standing day charges to consider so this combined with the lower cost of fuel and increased burn efficiency rate means a much more cost-effective heating solution.

We hope you have found our basic introduction to the benefits of choosing a Bioethanol Fire helpful, if you have any questions about any of our Bioethanol Fire’s, please feel free to email our sales team on sales@myfirepits.uk or fill in our online contact form for the fastest response.

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