Why a Smart Bio Ethanol Fireplace is The Right Choice

There are a variety of different fires and fireplaces on the market these days, from older more traditional styles such as Gas Fires, Electric fires and Log Burners and then modern alternatives that will eventually take the market away from natural gas such as Bio Ethanol Fireplaces. A Smart Bio Ethanol Fire is the only style that does not require a flu or chimney, this is down to the fact that they do not produce any smoke, odour and are also soot free! The way that the Bioethanol Fires burn the fuel is very clean and the only by-products that is created is a little bit of carbon dioxide and water vapour. Bioethanol Fireplaces use Bioethanol Fuel, this is 100% plant-based fuel which is created by fermenting sugars and starch so you can be sure there are no nasty additives in the fuel of your Bio Ethanol Fire.

MyFirePits offer a range of Smart Bio Ethanol Fires which have WIFI and Bluetooth integration and can also be controlled with Alexa, remote control or even your smart phone! Our smallest Bioethanol Fireplace hold approx. 1.5 litres of fuel and has a heat output of approx. 3KW, our largest model we only advise goes in a larger or well-ventilated room as they are much more powerful and have a heat output of approx. 6kw. This is something you must bear in mind before buying your Remote-Control Bio Ethanol Fire as a 6kw will use double the fuel as well as having the larger flames. You also have full control of heat and flame width by simply choosing between the 4 options on the device. Choosing the right fuel for your Bio Ethanol Fireplace is also very important, we advise 98% grade premium Bio Ethanol Fuel which will ensure you have yellow flames that create the warm atmosphere you aim for, more importantly cheaper fuels will soot up and have a slight smell.

Installing your new Bio Ethanol Fire is many cases is simple and most competent DIY’ers can do this with ease. If you are installing your Bio Ethanol Fire in a freestanding base then this takes a matter of minutes, the hardest part will be removing the Bio Ethanol Fire Burner from the wooden and metal crate it is shipped in for protection. If you have any questions about our range of Bio Ethanol Fires or would like some advice on designing your media wall to suit the size of Bioethanol Fire you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Our landline is 0330 223 6223 or you can email us at sales@myfirepits.uk

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